CIS Apple 10.11 Benchmark suggestion

Save yourself some time if you are ever testing some of your hardware against the Centre for Information Security’s (CIS) Apple OSX 10.11 Benchmark by changing the command in 2.1.1. It recommends:

system_profiler | grep "Bluetooth:" -A 20 | grep Connectable

Instead use:

system_profiler SPBluetoothDataType | grep "Bluetooth:" -A 20 | grep Connectable

The first command takes 43.395s vs 0.227s for the latter on one of the machines where I timed the execution.

If you have to convince your infosec auditor, just search for system_profiler in the document. Every other instance drills down lower and they must have missed this optimization that will hopefully show up in future revisions of the benchmark or new benchmarks documents for subsequent OSX releases like macOS Sierra.